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Carine Moffett

Carine is a certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor covering Matwork and Reformer. Carine also holds a variety of other certifications, including RSA Exercise to Music, Pure Stretch and ACSM Personal Trainer Award. She has been teaching in the fitness industry now for 15 years.

Her dedication lies in developing an awareness of her client’s body.Carine’s goal is to improve their posture, core strength and flexibility. Working closely with a physiotherapist, when required gives her that extra insight into how her clients muscles fire and any imbalances that need working on. I believe in the Joseph Pilates technique and teach with passion helping my clients reach their goals and aspirations.

Carine turned to Pilates after a back injury. She loves feeling the burn, lifting heavy weights and doing high impact exercise. She had little knowledge of the benefits of Pilates and realised after her injury she had little core strength. After some research Carine found Pilates and has never looked back. She is stronger now than when she was in her early twenties. Through training and practicing Pilates Carine has managed to now lead a pain free and mobile lifestyle eliminating her back pain.
Whether you choose a one to one session or group class with Carine you will be challenged to your level. You will leave your workout with a wonderful sense of wellbeing, feeling strong, lengthened and definitely a healthy glow!

Please note an assessment is required before joining Group Reformer classes.

Rieko Pomfret

Rieko is a qualified STOTT Pilates instructor, she trained in Singapore and Tokyo, and moved to the UK in August 2016

Rieko has always been passionate about sports and nutrition and played tennis extensively in her youth.  

She loves meeting new clients and working out with them to reach their goals. 

Zahara Chowdhury

I’m Zahara! I am a reformer Pilates teacher and personal trainer and wellbeing consultant.

When it comes to wellbeing, I think strength, mobility and flexibility are extremely important, which is why I really enjoy teaching reformer Pilates: I can combine strength, core and balance into an effective workout for a group of lovely people – plus, time under tension on the Reformer is a killer!

I’m so looking forward to teaching classes at Nubodi Pilates!

General Fitness

Improves posture
Improves mobility and flexibility
Flattens the tummy and tones the legs
Increases stability for the pelvis and shoulders
Enhances athletic performance.

Health Conditions

Facilitates injury prevention and physical rehabilitation
Builds better balance and coordination, particularly for the elderly
Alleviates aches and pains
Helps maintain and improve bone density
Develops the function and efficiency of the lungs and improved circulation
Safe and beneficial for a wide range of medical conditions e.g Scoliosis & Osteoporosis.

Overall Well-Being

Makes you look and feel better
Relieves stress and tension and promotes a feeling of well-being
Strengthens your immune system.

A wide variety of



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