Nubodi Reformer Pilates For Athletes: The Key To Your PB

Whether you’re an Olympic rower, triathlete or tennis player, Reformer Pilates has never been more important to your training regime. With more professional athletes experiencing the benefits Reformer Pilates, we’re seeing unprecedented traction in the world of elite sports this year. With advocates such as tennis champion Andy Murray, British cyclist Victoria Pendleton and Olympic swimmer Dana Vollmer flying the Reformer Pilates flag, let’s look at the reasons why Nubodi Pilates can be the key to performing your very best.

Reduces Injury, Improves Flexibility

Strength training is essential to most sports practices, but to build muscle more effectively than simply lifting weights (which can cause injury especially if the deep muscles that stabilise a joint are weak) it needs to be balanced out by lengthening exercises, which is an essential part of our classes at Nubodi Pilates. Ironman and Pilates Reformer Super Trainer Guy Leech says “Reformer Pilates allows you to strengthen while you lengthen, which is exactly what I needed after decades of pushing myself to the limit and not giving my flexibility an inch of thought. It took nearly two years for my sports doctor to twist my arm into trying reformer Pilates and one morning, waking to excruciating back pain, I finally gave in and got on that reformer.  My only regret is not trying it earlier”.

Improves Core Strength And Spinal Alignment

Athletes perform to their best ability when their body is structurally strong with a better-aligned spine. With many sportsmen and women holding their bodies incorrectly during the day, due to their day job, prolonged sitting and bad posture, we see many professional athletes hindered by poor alignment, preventing them from reaching their goals. Guy Leech says “Reformer Pilates is pretty much the only form of exercise that strengthens all of those deep postural muscles that work to neutralise and support the spine and allow you to push harder (and more safely) in your training”.

Increases your power output

A human body cannot generate powerful movements from an unstable position. Increased core stability is one of the key benefits to our classes, enabling athletes to channel their muscle force more effectively. This extra stability through the body, particularly the deep muscles of the glutes, abdominals, shoulders, and back, is every athlete’s secret weapon: to generate power from even the most unorthodox positions. Think of the unnatural twisting of the spine rowers endure every day, or the pressure of repetitive tennis racquet swings on your rotator cuff.

The improved endurance, balance, core strengthening, and coordination of your body following continuous Reformer Pilates training will make you stronger, leaner and more flexible than ever, making you a better athlete, helping you smash your PB.

We welcome athletes of all abilities to the studio, with a range of classes to suit different needs. Dynamic and power classes for strength and essential for rehabilitation and restoration. To find out more please email Stay up to date with our latest videos and offers via our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram @NubodiPilates.

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3 Common Body Complaints Easily Remedied By Pilates Reformer Exercises

The beginning of the year acts as fresh start to carve out a healthier, more active lifestyle. If we look back on the festive period not long ago, the likelihood is that we spent most of December in a sedentary state, gorging on family packs of chocolates and consuming cheese at an alarming level. Now is the time to work hard to get back into healthier habits. January spells a time to move more, eat less sugary snacks and more wholesome, natural food. Adding basic exercise to your daily routine like brisk walking for 30 minutes can boost your metabolism, sense of well-being and heart health significantly – however – if you’re keen on starting a new exercise regime – Pilates reformer may be for you.
Pilates reformer has many health and fitness benefits. It can boost your confidence and sense of well-being just by turning up to the studio! Exercising as part of a small group means it’s easier to make friends and perform better; endorphins will be firing to elevate your mood and sense of achievement. Over time, you’ll develop stronger limbs and core and you may notice the waistband on your jeans becoming looser. All these things are fantastic if you’re on a weight loss journey, or if you just want to be fitter.
However, Pilates reformer is beneficial to very specific body ailments and this is what we are focusing on within this blog. Below are three common body niggles and issues which can be easily remedied with the support of a trained instructor (like me and my team!) and specially designed Pilates Reformer classes.


Some may not be aware of this troublesome foot issue, but if you experience shin splints or painful knees and hips when running, you may have overpronated (also known as hyperpronated) feet. Simply put, this means your foot rolls inwards and the arch of your foot flattens as you walk or run. This can cause a damaging kinetic chain which can work its way up your body affecting your upper legs, pelvis and spine. Overpronantion can be remedied by strengthening the muscles of your feet and ankles using Pilates footwork exercises. This can be a simple as repeated heel lifts off the reformer bar.

Lower Back Pain

Many of us experience lower back pain at some point in our lives. Lifestyle is generally to blame, with so many working sitting at a desk for long periods of time, rendering our glutes and hamstrings useless for the most part of the day! Lower back pain is also common for women who have had babies, leaving their core muscles weak or in some cases damaged. Pilates reformer exercises are especially valuable for improving pelvis and core strength and stability which support your lower back, which home in on your lesser-used deep abdominal muscles to alleviate lower back pain.

Rotator Cuff Damage

The shoulder joint has wider and more varied range of motion than any other joint in the body. It’s also the most unstable joint which means it has a higher risk of injury, making rotator cuff damage a common complain we hear at the studio. For those in need of rehabilitating their rotator cuff, the key is to gently stabilise and slowly rebuild strength within the connective muscles surrounding the shoulder girdle. Pilates can be of great benefit for shoulder weakness and injury by improving and maintaining good core stability in both the pelvis and lower back, as well as in the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle.

If you are experiencing any of these body complaints, its important you discuss these issues with your GP before you start any form of exercise or rehabilitation. To find out more about Nubodi Pilates and to discuss any injuries with our experienced team, call today on 07957 982502.

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